Working With Wellness is evolving.

It’s been just over two years since I started posting under the username of workingwithwellness on Instagram. The page started out as a way for me to follow and share my fitness, nutrition and mental health journeys. I was a keen runner and gym goer, I loved cooking and I was at the beginning of bettering my brain.

When I started the account I had a desire to share what I was learning from my psychology degree, and from my training as a personal trainer. I found it difficult though to share knowledge-based posts and I think I felt like the instagram page was more like a diary for me than anything else.

Two years on and I still have a desire to share science based lifestyle, fitness, and mental health content. I love researching, learning and writing. I have just completed my masters degree in Psychiatric Research and my passion to share evidence based content is stronger than ever.

So that is what this is. I have decided to start up a blog. I want to create both personal blog content and educational content. I can’t say I know exactly where this blog will go but I am excited to use this time to do something I love. I hope you enjoy the conent.

Much Love,



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