Where to Find Great Plant-Based Recipes

Happy World Vegan Month!

Adopting plant-based diets is becoming increasingly popular as people are becoming more and more aware of the ethical and environmental problems surrounding the meat, fish and dairy industries. I first started adopting a plant-based diet in 2018 as I begun educating myself about the problems our planet is facing. I began by going vegetarian with meat on the weekends in order to make the transition to predominantly plant-based easier. Over time I phased out meat, fish and the majority of dairy products.

I feel the biggest problem I faced back then was that I didn’t know how to live a plant-based life. I didn’t know any recipes or how to make interesting and enjoyable meat and dairy free meals. This made the experience of becoming plant-based difficult, stressful and unenjoyable at times.

Today I thought I would share with you some of my favourite creators who are out there sharing plant-based recipes. I recognise that in todays climate, more people are looking for ways to reduce their meat consumptions but are stuck when it comes to what to eat instead. Here, I am providing you with some of the best people to follow and the sources of some fantastic plant-based recipes.

Rachel Ama

Author of Rachel Ama’s Vegan Eats and social media content creator Rachel Ama’s innovative and flavourful recipes never disappoint. From quick and easy work-week meals to epic Caribbean feasts Rachel Ama has it all. Full of flavour, full of colour and full of nutrients, these meals are a great way to explore the rich and exciting world of plant-based foods.

Check out her YouTube channel for friendly follow along recipes or her instagram for some inspiration.


If you’re looking for some variations on your classic comforts, Bosh has you covered. Now with five books, a website full of recipes and a tv show, plant-based eating has never been so accessible. From creative minds, Henry and Ian, pies, burgers, puddings and full English breakfasts will have you swearing by their meat-free alternatives. Good food for all occasions, it’s as simple as Bish Bash Bosh.

For informative plant-based videos and food ideas check out their YouTube channel.

Deliciously Ella

Beginning as a blog and growing into a range of plant-based food products, recipe books, a deli and an app, Deliciously Ella is a place to find more out-there and whole-food plant-based meals. If you are bored of the classics and want to find new flavours, new food combinations and are looking for something a little bit different, Deliciously Ella might be the place for you. While also cultivating a collection of plant-based classics, Deliciously Ella has some super cool and unique recipes.

You can get the Deliciously Ella App which offers a way to organise your meals for the week and shopping lists by adding the meals you want to cook, as well providing you with in-app podcasts, and yoga and pilates classes.

Avant Garde Vegan

Brought to you by Gaz Oakly, Avant Garde Vegan is another unique take on plant-based eats. Oakly’s meals are packed with protein from a huge range of sources, including delicious tofu recipes and introducing you to the world of seitan. Oakly’s follow along YouTube videos will have you filled with inspiration as well as top quality food.

Little Blog of Vegan

Finally, for amazing bakes and stunning cakes, Holly Jade’s award winning blog is a home for the best plant-based cakes, biscuits and other delights. Her beautiful creations are completely plant-based, and many are low in added sugar. Little Blog of Vegan contains beautiful recipes for all occasions and all preferences, from biscoff donuts, to s’mores cupcakes, to party rings sheet cakes and strawberry ice cream bars. If you like baking, this is the perfect place for you, plant-based or not.

Who is your favourite plant-based creator?


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