Life Has Changed

Here I am.

333 days since my last post.

I’m still here; life has changed a lot.

When I started this blog, I had all the time in the world. I was suffering from undiagnosed ME, unable to work and feeling the post-masters degree blues. Living at home meant I was not under any pressure to find work, and I had decided that I would take some time to rest anyway. All I did was eat, sleep, write and repeat. It was glorious.

Since moving away from home, life has become busier. Not by much, mind you. Well, if you were to view the changes in my life, you’d probably consider it not much, but for me, it’s the difference between a clear head, ready to write, and almost constant brain fog.

I love writing and it’s heartbreaking for me that I am much less able to nowadays.

I also feel that my relationship with the type of content I write has changed a lot. I enjoy writing evidence-based pieces but research is hard. Harder than it used to be. It takes longer, and more effort to make sense of information. I’ve always enjoyed personal essays too, and doing both doesn’t feel possible. At the same time, I mean, due to the energy required for both in different ways.

I’m currently trying to build up a photography business and I hope that it will be a way for me to access more life. At the moment I work two jobs and put a lot of energy into both. I work when I can and that leaves little energy for other things. Like writing.

I want to continue with it and I thank those of you who are still here and still read my content. I hope I will return here properly some time. Once a week like it used to be.

I hope you’re healthy and well.

Char xx


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