Life Has Changed

Here I am. 333 days since my last post. I'm still here; life has changed a lot. When I started this blog, I had all the time in the world. I was suffering from undiagnosed ME, unable to work and feeling the post-masters degree blues. Living at home meant I was not under any pressure… Continue reading Life Has Changed

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A Coffee A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

What new research says about daily coffee consumption This is for all the coffee lovers out there! I was once told "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" however, some exciting research suggests the same could be true for coffee. Coffee is one of the most popular drinks of choice across the world. The… Continue reading A Coffee A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Holding my green triodos bank card to the camera.

Is Your Bank Eco-Friendly?

The (un)ethical nature of banking Fossil fuel financing is a problem that sits at the heart of many large corporations and banks are no exception to this. Banks have, for years, supported the use of fossil fuels as well as other problematic industries including the support of arms to the Middle East, pipeline projects in… Continue reading Is Your Bank Eco-Friendly?

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What Does B Corp Mean?

An Introduction to the B Corp Certification When I first began to look more into sustainability I started to come across companies that were B Corp Certified. I didn't think much of what this might mean, however, the more companies that I became interested in that had sustainability at their core, the more the label… Continue reading What Does B Corp Mean?


Indigenous Voices for the Climate Crisis

Listen and Learn from Indigenous Voices It is 2021, and the interest in environmentalism is gaining traction. People are involving themselves more and more in the climate crisis conversation and want to learn how to help. The community of people concerned with the climate crisis is diverse, and this diversity is crucial to recognise. Unfortunately,… Continue reading Indigenous Voices for the Climate Crisis

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How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Sleep?

How Pandemic Life Has Changed the Way We Sleep Recently, the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine published an editorial on how children and teens were sleeping in the pandemic. For a long time now, it has been widely known that the school system is not beneficial for the sleep needs of young people. As we… Continue reading How Has COVID-19 Affected Your Sleep?

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4 Youtube Channels for Beginner Gardeners

Gardening Channels I Love It is a year since the pandemic forced us all inside. Many of us discovered the magic of houseplants which allowed us some connection to nature during this time. Now, as the days are beginning to get lighter and longer, and as the daffodils begin to gift us with a warm,… Continue reading 4 Youtube Channels for Beginner Gardeners

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Is Green Tea Good For You?

Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea Green tea is a popular drink of choice for many people including myself. I first started drinking the herbal tea at University as I wasn't into coffee at the time and often fancied something fresher than a creamy English Breakfast tea. Initially, I found green tea to be… Continue reading Is Green Tea Good For You?

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Gardening and Mental Health

The Healing Power Of Gardening In January of 2019, the NHS released its new Long Term Plan for the future. It detailed how they plan to tackle the ever-increasing pressure on the staff by redesigning patient care. It emphasised a commitment to provide people with better control and independence over their own health. The plan… Continue reading Gardening and Mental Health


Are Abs Everything?

Are Abs Everything? The Importance of Training Your Core For many years now, influencers and fitness fanatics on social media have posted their top tips for getting abs, which were for a long time considered to be the picture-perfect image of health and fitness. While I am glad to say that ‘having abs’ is being… Continue reading Are Abs Everything?