Beyond Veganuary: The Benefits of Eating Plant Based

As we begin the new month of February, so comes the end of Veganuary. Started in 2014, Veganuary is a challenge run by a non-profit organisation of the same name throughout the first month of the year to promote and encourage vegan or plant-based lifestyles. In January of 2020, 400,000 people signed up and this… Continue reading Beyond Veganuary: The Benefits of Eating Plant Based


The Super Supplement: Creatine Explained

Creatine is a supplement that has fascinated me since I first heard of it a couple of years back. It is possibly the most widely researched supplement in regard to fitness and strength training, but its many benefits go much further than just the fitness industry. What is Creatine? When I first came across creatine,… Continue reading The Super Supplement: Creatine Explained


Where to Find Great Plant-Based Recipes

Happy World Vegan Month! Adopting plant-based diets is becoming increasingly popular as people are becoming more and more aware of the ethical and environmental problems surrounding the meat, fish and dairy industries. I first started adopting a plant-based diet in 2018 as I begun educating myself about the problems our planet is facing. I began… Continue reading Where to Find Great Plant-Based Recipes