Welcome to my blog…

Hi there, I’m Char. I am a research enthusiast, a professional student and I love writing. I am fascinated with lifestyle and wellness, and I love learning about how we can all achieve happier and healthier lives. I am passionate about sustainability and am primarily plant-based.

I have recently completed an MSc in Psychiatric Research and prior to that gained an undergraduate degree in Psychology. I found my MSc really tough, and I might even say it is one of the most difficult things I have so far completed in my 22 years of life however it gave me a drive to pursue what I love most: helping people in through evidence.

I am currently studying towards my personal training qualifications. I love fitness and find anatomy and physiology fascinating. My sport of choice is running although I do enjoy lifting heavy weights too.

At the moment, and for the last few years, I have been receiving therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder. I have spent a lot of my life struggling with emotional dysregulation and self harm and am glad to say that I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. I am a huge advocate for therapy and seeking mental health help. I believe we should all have access to mental health care and should all be more open about mental health.

I am currently out of uni and out of work, I’m giving myself some time to work my life out and enjoy an environment without academic or work-related pressure.

I hope you enjoy the content on my blog and I hope you are well in this moment. I send you all my love.