Are Abs Everything?

Are Abs Everything? The Importance of Training Your Core For many years now, influencers and fitness fanatics on social media have posted their top tips for getting abs, which were for a long time considered to be the picture-perfect image of health and fitness. While I am glad to say that ‘having abs’ is being… Continue reading Are Abs Everything?

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Does Yoga Give Us Superpowers?

Yoga’s Background: A Philosophy Lesson Many of us know about yoga. We see it advertised everywhere; a cure for many ills. For many of us, yoga means only the mindful practice of movement sequences, a technique for flexibility and relaxation. However, yoga has a beautifully deep and rich history, and is much more than series… Continue reading Does Yoga Give Us Superpowers?

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Top Tips for Keeping Well This Winter (especially during lockdowns)

My dear friends, Welcome back to my blog. Earlier this week I posted an article explaining why it is that a lot of people tend to feel worse in winter. This year, a bit of a different winter presents itself to us. With lockdowns and the threat of COVID-19, restrictions have been put in place… Continue reading Top Tips for Keeping Well This Winter (especially during lockdowns)

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The Great South Run: A Review

It is early in the morning. I have butterflies in my stomach as I try to force down a bowl of porridge. It’s plain porridge, ungarnished by my usual spread of frozen berries, nut butters and flax seeds. I don’t like taking risks with my digestion before running anything longer than a 5k. I am… Continue reading The Great South Run: A Review