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4 Youtube Channels for Beginner Gardeners

Gardening Channels I Love

It is a year since the pandemic forced us all inside. Many of us discovered the magic of houseplants which allowed us some connection to nature during this time. Now, as the days are beginning to get lighter and longer, and as the daffodils begin to gift us with a warm, yellow glow, it is clear that Spring is here. I think if this time indoors has taught us anything, it is the value of spending time outdoors.

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If you, like me, are looking to spend a bit more time outdoors this year (or forevermore) you might be thinking about delving into the wonderful world of gardening. If you’ve never had any experience with growing flowers or your own food then you might be at a bit of a loss on where to start. For small gardens, big gardens, balconies, and allotments, there are loads of great resources online for education and inspiration. These accounts are some of the people I’ve found to be useful in helping me get started on my gardening journey.

  1. Huw Richards

Watch for: Everything you could ever want to know about gardening.

Huw Richards is an author and YouTube content maker and is a must if you are looking to get into vegetable gardening. His YouTube channel brings us easy-to-watch allotment and gardening content, and tips and tricks for new gardeners. His mission is simple: To empower everyone to get stuck in and make gardening accessible to everyone. Richards has also written two books: “Veg in One Bed” and “Grow Food For Free”, delivering to you all the advice that you need to make gardening work for you.

2. Homegrown Garden

Watch for: Starting an allotment, vegetable gardens, flower gardens and all-round allotment & garden inspiration.

Straight from St Anne’s Allotments in Nottingham, Katrina brings you content from her 300sqm plot. Katrina films diary-like YouTube videos, regularly filming tours of her allotment and bringing us along with her on all of her major and minor gardening tasks. The allotment is home to fruits, vegetables and flowers and Katrina films all of it. I love Katrina’s videos, they are always inspiring and informative!

3. GardenUp

Watch for: Inspiration and advice on small space gardening and indoor gardening

GardenUp is a YouTube channel that I have been subscribed to for a while. Alongside her houseplant content, Ekta brings us content from her balcony vegetable and flower garden in Mumbai. GardenUp brings you everything you need to know about small space gardening, from composting in your kitchen to how to arrange your vegetable plants.

4. Epic Gardening

Watch for: Vegetable gardening, allotments for beginners

Have a question about anything to do with gardening? Epic Gardening probably has a video with the answer to it. Filled with ‘How To’ videos and garden-along-with-me type videos, Epic Gardening has pretty much everything you need to know. Alongside their YouTube channel is the Epic Gardening blog which is filled with as much gardening content as their channel.


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